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driveby fannish update: all things eclipsed by xmen edition

Every time I post on here I feel like I need to do a fannish orientation post or something, because a) okay yes, usually it has been a while and b) my heart is fickle and no fandom, regardless of quality, can exclusively hold my attention for very long. It's like wanderlust, except with fictional sandboxes.

So. DRIVEBY FANNISH UPDATE TIME. Uh, this is going under a single cut, because all fannish updates are very vague and sans plot spoilers.

Doctor Who - Holy wow this half season went by fast. River Song is still the absolute best ever, Amy/Rory 4ever, and Eleventy your face. I totally dug the midseason finale reveal, and Greensilver's vid "Change of Time" makes my heart seize up in the best way.

THOR - Agh agh agh Loki gives me ~~feelings, and SPACE, and Idris Elba is so cool, and the whole movie was completely hilarious except for all the parts that broke my heart. I am also the proud owner of a Tom Hiddleston situation. Ahem. Also, I think the ongoing Marvel movie crossover/teamup is fascinating and if anyone ever wants to talk about how very exciting that is I am totally your girl. And thanks to fandom, I have been made aware of concept of Ragnarok, which is also fascinating. The more you know.

Wallander - it doesn't count as fannish investment if you accidentally on purpose write pieces of a story about kurt's epic angst and failures as a leader, right? oh good. 

X-Men First Class -
ALL THE FEELINGS. ...That's about the sum of it. I wake up in the morning, drink mah tea, refresh mah x-men WIPs, and commit unholy amounts of caps lock meta in IM. Sometimes I clutch my face in agony, it's great. 

Also I have now seen two episodes of Mad Men. It is quite good! I'd seen clips on youtube before and knew a whole bunch of stuff about the plot, because that's just how I roll, and never really been that impressed - but this is absolutely a show that needs to be watched more holistically. So much of its most powerful scene are played in this really fabulously understated way, carefully built up throughout an episode to fit both thematically and within multiple character arcs. Meaning only really apparent through context? Sign me up.
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I feel like your paragraph on Thor basically sums up everything that is good in the universe and with that movie. Also, "I am also the proud owner of a Tom Hiddleston situation" is MY NEW FAVORITE.

(s;fdgk;sgjf;kldjg Wallander fic? Seriously? Be still my heart!)
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Instant delight! Oh gosh, Tom. Your hair. Your haaaaaair.

(So many pom-poms! You can do it! Er, if I can help, let me know? I am totally stoked by the idea of actual Wallander fic that I'd like! The stuff at AO3 just doesn't quite work for me.)