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captain america

Finally saw Captain America this weekend!

I am actually very excited about this movie, mostly because of Jeremy Renner's uncanny ability to make whoever he is portraying automatically, effortlessly, be the most interesting person in the room at any given time. I am basing this assessment entirely on 1) The Hurt Locker, 2) that 10 second cameo in ~Thor, and 3) ...the preview I just saw for Mission Impossible IV. Just look at that completely legit data sample. It would be nice if this movie is legitimately awesome, but even if it is not, I think I will have lots of fun seeing it.

Captain America:

- Peggy = the best ever. HER FABULOUS HAIR. When she was chasing down the spy scientist guy at the very beginning of the movie, unflinchingly firing at the car careening toward her I briefly forgot that this was not, in fact, Peggy's movie. I would like to see Peggy's adventures with the Howling Commandos. You know that would be amazing. She could wear her brown leather jacket and practical boots. <3

- Howard Stark = very charming. Felt very much like a proto-Tony, except what really struck me was how collaborative all of Howard's projects seemed to be. He's doing stuff with other engineers and scientists, flying planes into war zones as favours, and generally working with people in a way that Tony just- doesn't. (Yet. Until the Avengerrrrrrrsssssss. \o/ \o/ \o/) Tony works in his basement, alone with all his shiny toys. I mean, good grief, his lab assistants are robots.

- My thoughts on Bucky and Steve both boil down to "n'aaaw" and "Buckyyyyyyyyy, aaagh."

- I feel like the pacing was a little bit off, particularly in the second half. The big rescue felt like a finale but wasn't? ...Did Bucky die at the end of a spy adventures montage? Probably this is an understandable byproduct of Captain America having to start and end at very specific places in order to fit into The Avengers. (Thor: only making it look easy.)

In conclusion: I had a good time. Yay, Captain America. I wouldn't smuggle this movie into space or anything, but will definitely be watching it again at some point. :D