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Last weekend I went to see The Lovely Bones (trailer's here), and lo, I have some thoughts.

I apparently enjoyed this movie more than some other people, because I would have given it at least 68% fresh. Maybe even like 73%.(The guy sitting behind me said, as soon as the credits began to roll, that this was the worst movie he'd ever seen. I, er, disagree.) It was definitely a different kind of movie. This looks like a certain kind of murder story - although one with a twist, being narrated by the victim - that to some extent would be about catching the dude who killed our protagonist. Giving us, you know, closure.

This movie isn't exactly about that. And the people who would know this going in (people who'd read the book first) seem to have liked the book better anyway. Or, at least the ones I've talked to have.

Things I liked:

--  The casting was pretty great. But, uh, I tend to love everything Rachel Weisz does ever. She can act! And she is unbelievably gorgeous, amIright? I haven't really seen much of Mark Wahlberg, but he did a pretty good job here. And he had floppy 70s hair! He and Rachel Weisz were believable as grieving parents.

There's this part where Mark Wahlberg finally loses it and smashes all his ships-in-bottles, which they totally pulled off. The camera cuts to Rachel Weisz, who is upstairs, and when we hear the first bottle breaking she flinches and my heart breaks a little bit.

(A quick aside about Mark Wahlberg: I have since looked him up on youtube, and found this fabulously amazing 14-second clip from a scene in The Happening (which I also have not seen, and totally don't need to now, because there's no way it is as awesome as those 14 seconds). Here it is.  And look a techno remix!!  I love the internet.)

(Also Mark Wahlberg is the brother of my buddy Donnie Wahlberg (O HI THAR CARWOOD LIPTON). That maybe doesn't have a whole lot to do with this movie, but probably contributed to my enjoyment of it anyway.)

Our dead leading lady Susie is played by Saoise Ronan, who I'd previously only seen in Atonement. (Atonement can be summed up as follows: awesome soundtrack, James McAvoy, very pretty period clothing, and themes of lifelong guilt.) Anyway, she was good in Atonement and I enjoyed her performance here. A lot of the time she is looking at stuff with big blue eyes, and sometimes she didn't have a lot to interact with, but I think that was less to do with the actress and more to do with the direction she was given.

-- It was the 1970s! Awesome.

-- There were maybe a few too many long sequences with CGI butterflies and lakes and running around happy in the sunshine, and at times things were kind of slow, but there still were a number of genuinely cool uses of imagery. At one point our dead heroine goes into the "Between World"  version of her killer's house, and as she wanders through it, different spots sort of turn into the scenes where this guy had killed other girls. And it was like, of course those memories/emotions would be stored in different places in his house! Because it's his house! There is something really intriguing about a person's personal space being connected to them, and to the things they do, and visually that was presented effectively here. (And Susie? Was in the basement.)

Hmmm, this got kind of long. In conclusion: Enjoyable movie. I was one of those audience members expecting the serial killer to be caught, and was disappointed that he wasn't, but in a lot of ways I think that fit with the sort of themes they were building up throughout. There is another really powerful moment near the end where Susie's body is being dumped into a sink hole, never to be seen again (which had already been foreshadowed visually in a number of places! <3) and while this is happening she is in a house nearby, returning briefly to the not-so-in-between to kiss the boy she liked.

So, I don't think I'd need to see this movie again, but I definitely don't regret watching it. 


In other news, people keep giving me food today - breakfast casserole, cupcakes with cream cheese in the middle, angel food cake. Yesterday I made pineapple delight (a delicious frozen cream cheese type thing, aka King of Dessert), and today I bought some delicious cookies before I knew was going to be on the receiving end of other excellent things tonight. Also I may or may not have had ice cream for supper. (...Because being an adult is awesome sometimes, that's why.)

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