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Today is laundry day! So naturally I made coasters out of ruined DVDs.

photographic evidence... )

I feel it might be necessary to clarify that Alan Grant is not actually on the ceiling? Er. In my defense, the dinosaur started its life as a botched artistic staircase, SO.


I like to have a gazillion firefox tabs open at once (tab browsing changed my life, true fact).  But sometimes I have a tree of tabs I need to keep around that I don't want to deal with until later. Bookmarking is the obvious choice, but as soon as my pages disappear into the depths of my bookmarks I tend to forget about them. Insert pop culture alien reference here.

Oh internets, I thought. If only there was a way to keep my for-later tabs visible but not cluttering up my sidebar or sucking up resources!

Turns out there totally is: TabGroups Manager. It basically lets you open, name and organize groups of tabs. Or if you're already using Tree Style Tabs, it lets you organize your groups of tabs into groups of tabs. (The dream is collapsing!) And best of all, you can hibernate tab groups to save resources. \o/ \o/
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posted by [personal profile] jonesandashes at 10:44am on 27/04/2011
Step one: decide what current WIP needs is a creepy sack.
Step two: watch Coraline.
Step three: stay up late coming up with ways to freak out WIP main character.
Step four: profit!! CAN'T SLEEP, HOUSE WILL EAT ME.

Coraline is a really excellent movie, though. I usually like Neil Gaiman, so there's another book to add to the summer reading list.
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And all of a sudden it's three weeks later! Nooooooo. Someday I am going to get used to how time continuously and steadily moves forward, even when you aren't looking. Today is not that day. Maybe my inability to come to terms with that has manifested itself in an enormous fondness for time-traveling fictions? Hmmm.

SPEAKING OF TIME TRAVEL. DW: The Impossible Astronaut )

In conclusion, is it next week yet?

I have also been listening to some of the Doctor Who soundtracks. "This is Gallifrey" is so pretty I can't even handle it.

And now, I am off to go see Source Code. Apparently it is like Groundhog Day meets Inception? I like both those movies, and one of them (you will never guess which!) ate my entire summer last year and resulted in sudden understanding of concepts like "fluff," "curtain fic," and "OTP." So possibly this will be pretty good! Either way it has Michelle Monaghan, so that's a win.
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Just handed in an essay on Canadian literature, like a boss. \o/

So yesterday when I was desperately searching the internet for something, anything to keep me from my schoolwork, I came across His Face All Red by Emily Carroll. This is a relatively short, supremely terrifying web comic. The art is fabulous, the story is fabulous. Possibly this is tied for the creepiest thing I have ever come across on the internet.*

The other winning spot is of course held by this deep-water squid alien with elbows.**

*Not counting various amazing works of fan fic, or Toddlers in Tiaras.
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It could bond with my Emily Prentiss icon over how awesome their featured characters are. 

Oh no it has been three weeks since I've posted anything here! /o\ Tiiiiiiiime, I shake my fist at you. The next two weeks are going to be a) really quite busy with school but also happily b) not as busy as the last three. And then AND THEN I get to wonderful things like move into a bigger apartment, frolic around outside, and finally, FINALLY get my hands on Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Actually I have a whole list of movies and tv I am going to mainline this summer. It is quite extensive.

:D :D

In the meantime I have been watching quite a lot of Parks and Recreation, because it is 20 minutes and happy and therefore perfect for watching around paper-writing. Leslie Knope, you are my favourite! Followed fairly closely by Ron Swanson. On tumblr somewhere there is a picture of Ron Swanson next to a cat that looks exactly like Ron Swanson and now I can't unsee the resemblance.

When I am not doing homework or watching Parks and Rec or playing around on gimp with pictures of stairs I am catching up on Fringe. Only three episodes behind now! I already, uh, ~know things~. There is a correlation between myself and accidentally on purpose clicking spoiler-cuts. But I am very excited to actually see things happen in - real life? ....Its fictional life, but my real life. Anyway, things! Things coming together! *hands*
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you realize that whenever "Flying Dreams" from The Secret of NIMH comes up on your iTunes shuffle, you always end up spending the duration of the song with your chin in your hands, staring off into space. (Or I do, anyway. Helloooo, childhood.)

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If my research paper asks, I am not here.

1. The History of Science Fiction  - SO COOL. I kind of want a big print out of that to put on my wall.

2. Have fallen hard for Lackadaisy, which is this gorgeous and completely wonderful online comic. It's about prohibition mobsters! Who are CATS. And it has finally been updated today aaaaaaah.

3. Relatedly, I went looking for Lackadaisy fic (AS YOU DO and also because I am forever doomed to give my heart to teeny tiny fandoms) and unsurprisingly, there is not very much there. But! There IS this glorious 17,000 word story, The Midnight Special by prodigy: How Mordecai Heller became wanted for murder in St. Louis, Missouri: a story in five years, five hours, and one irascible Slav.

Even if Lackadaisy had the fannish numbers and content of something enormous like Inception, I would still single out this one. As it is, I am a shark circling the waters of this story. I read and reread at different speeds and it stays amazing! I don't think you even have to know anything about the source to enjoy it - there's this hired gun named Mordecai Heller, and he is spectacular and terrifying in turns. (Although if you are not familiar with the source, GO. GO NOW.)
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Television has been super interesting lately (I am looking at YOU, The Good Wife <3), except it has been a very long week and so anything even sort of resembling critical thinking is kind of off the table at this point.

Like, if my brain was cat right now, it would probably be this cat:

- Which doesn't bode well at all for all the very productive weekend I need to have. /o\ And I just- ALL IS WANT TO DO IS WATCH FANTASTIC FOUR: RISE OF THE SILVER SURFER, OKAY, IS THAT SO WRONG.
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It is Wednesday and I haven't posted yet this week, which means I should get on that. o/ Woo, commitment.

Yesterday I went to see The Eagle. There were a grand total of four of us in the theater (although a handful more drifted in about an hour after it started). Thoughts, I have them. They are kind of long, so I added pretty pictures of Jamie Bell.

The Eagle )
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I have been introduced to the most amazing thing! But wait, wait, we have to do this right. It goes like this:

I am now emotionally invested in Young Justice.

For all intents and purposes my Young Justice canon consists of following an online RPG.

...On twitter. The, uh, the tumblr someone has put together is usually easier to follow.

I should really start keeping track of how many emails over the years I have sent to [ profile] pollyrepeat  that consist of WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO ME and I HOPE YOU'RE HAPPY NOW, because seriously.

(I am 92% bluster. This whole thing is hilarious and adorable and occasionally even ~dramatic~. Will Robin accept Kid Flash's unexpected valentine card proclamation of like-liking him or is their friendship ruined forever? Will Superboy ever figure out how twitter really works? WAS THE SHEEP HARMED? These updates are now required for happy living.)

Fandom! How so super cool creative?
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