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2011-08-08 05:54 pm
jonesandashes: (clearly it is tea time)
2011-05-26 02:50 pm

things! or, five things make a post

1. Have discovered tumblr. It is made of pretty things and really specific tags and unadulterated enthusiasm and I kind of love it lots and lots.

2. Have discovered nail polish. I just painted my nails a very lovely blue, because my awesome roommate has a little nail polish collection going on, but I think I am going to have to go buy my own. Because I want more blues! And maybe also a light purple? *hands* Oh the possibilities.

3. Finally remembered that I had saved some songs on stereomood that I hadn't ever gotten around to acquiring for my itunes. And some of them I still really like? But there were songs I really loved a few months ago that just aren't doing it for me now. Huh. Basically everything on there was music that I liked writing essays to, and that's- really not what I'm doing now. 

This piano cover for Where Is My Mind (The Pixies) is still gorgeous, though.

4. Saw Thor. I went all by myself! which I had never done before, but which was a good time. I actually have loads and loads of thoughts about Thor, comic-book movies, archetypes, tone, 'the gritty reboot,' Marvel, alternate universes, destiny, the upcoming Avengers movie, and TOM HIDDLESTON'S FACE. (I walked out of the theater and the entire way to the bus I was like NERDS, TO MEEEEEEEE because this is a movie that NEEDS TO BE DISCUSSED but alas did not immediately stumble upon a group of folks wearing threadless T-shirts and talking about comics.) Luckily I have access to a [personal profile] pollyrepeat (who is the most enabling enabler to ever enable but is at least responsible about it and available for very flaily phone calls afterward) and the aforementioned awesome roommate and so I did not burst. 

I am currently waist-deep in all the Thor fic the internets have to offer me, and dreading the day when I run out of it. /o\

5. ...I don't have a 5. Um. Yesterday I watched Star Trek and it was awesome? And there were a million million lens flares, oh my word. Once you start noticing them, you can't stop.
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2011-05-09 03:48 pm

(no subject)

Yesterday I watched The Hurt Locker. I can't believe it took me so long to get around to it - this movie is right up my alley. (That is, the 'war movies are super interesting and look relationships under pressure and also stuff blows up!' alley.) I really liked it quite a lot - definitely one I would watch again. I liked all of the three main guys, but found James fascinating. Unsurprisingly, this ends in a zombie AU. )

Aaaaand (very) brief talk of The Avengers movie cast. )
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2011-02-23 02:27 pm

the eagle is ROME

It is Wednesday and I haven't posted yet this week, which means I should get on that. o/ Woo, commitment.

Yesterday I went to see The Eagle. There were a grand total of four of us in the theater (although a handful more drifted in about an hour after it started). Thoughts, I have them. They are kind of long, so I added pretty pictures of Jamie Bell.

The Eagle )
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2010-01-24 08:34 pm

what? no!

Last weekend I went to see The Lovely Bones (trailer's here), and lo, I have some thoughts.

Spoilers think dollhouses are creepy. )


In other news, people keep giving me food today - breakfast casserole, cupcakes with cream cheese in the middle, angel food cake. Yesterday I made pineapple delight (a delicious frozen cream cheese type thing, aka King of Dessert), and today I bought some delicious cookies before I knew was going to be on the receiving end of other excellent things tonight. Also I may or may not have had ice cream for supper. (...Because being an adult is awesome sometimes, that's why.)